Holiday Gifts...
Holiday Gifts...

The past week and half has been weird. Creatively I felt stuck and in other aspects of life, I felt let down and dissapointed.

The thing about the creative process is that when you’re stuck you start questioning your style: Am I too fairytale, too Lolita, too Victorian? Will people get tired? Should I do casual…. At one point I thought all of this at once and it made me quite crazy.

After give in it much thought and talking with others, I realized I have always, always designed with my guts. Being doll clothes, scenery or graphics. And it has always been good. So why so much questioning from the inside? I don’t know.

I decided not to listen to my brain anymore, and go with my guts. They are always right and in the end its about what makes ME happy and fullfilled. Not what sells or is in trends.

Starting from zero as from today, leaving all questionings behind. If when I sketch I sketch Lolita, then Lolita it is.

On the other hand, being stuck with doll designing, gave my brain space to do other crafting. I started making my Holiday gifts for friends scattered around the globe. I know they look more like Valentine’s but what the hell! I love red and pink and I don’t care if they aren’t seasonal ^_^

Hope  to be finishing my Bossom Friends outfits (inspired by Anne of Green Gables) very soonish!


So I finally did a test sewing of the knit sweater for under the “Winter Frock”. I love how it turned out, so ethereal and white!!! I think it will be a perfect match with mint green. Very Winter Wonderland (maybe that should be this set’s name after all).

The closing at the back is with a pearl and strap and it works beautifully.
The sundress fits well after all. I thought I had to add an extra mm but no. No need.

What I think I love most about this set is its versatility. The knit sweater can be worn with jeans or skirts, and the sundress alone in summer.

I also bought some vintage plastic cabochons for making a hair-piece I think it will look fabulous!

Winter Frock~ WiP
This is a little set I am working on for the Christmas season…. although be warned it’s not red or green or gold. It’s mint green/bluish and ivory white!

The idea for this dress came from an “Angelic Pretty” (japanese Lolita brand) outfit  although I can’t find the sourse right now. It had a puffy shirt under. Quite similar to my “The Sound of Music” sets which of course were inspired by that same outfit. To change things a bit and put to use my knits fabric, I decided to change the shirt for a knit turtle neck in ivory white. The softness of this knit is so similar to angora is a delight!

Winter Frock~ WiP
Things to take into account when doing the prototype: the straps need to be longer for the knit sweater is more bulky than a shirt. Need to figure a way to add some beads and sequins without turning it into a carnivale.

I made a prototype of the knit sweater and it looks fab. I still need for the fabric to arrive, which is a mint green swiss dot voile *______*

Hope to update with the final prototype soon! See ya!

When I visited Japan in 2007 I bumped into this beautiful sketchbooks in a “combini” (little supermarkets like Seven Eleven).  I loved the idea of having white sheets but small dots for making more technical drawings. I bought one.

I’ve been doodling in it ever since. I hadn’t paid too much attention to my fashion sketches until I realized it really helped my to stay focused at the moment of construction. I used to make loose drawings of the idea of the dress, but later it ended up been very far from what I had in my mind. For the last year I started paying close attention to the detail in my sketch. Thinking of even the minuscule lace or trim, pleats, top-stitch, etc. And now I find I want to keep returning to the sketch for reference and my outfits are turning out exactly as I imagined them.

This month I finished my first sketchbook. Fortunatelly this year I had the posibility to be in Japan again so I bought 2 more. ^____^ And a smaller version for my purse to carry arround with me (you never know, Ideas come in the most unlikely places… like in the train or the queue for the bank :P).


Hello friends!

Along the years of making doll clothes and custom dolls, I’ve come to discover a lot of people are really interested in the creative process of this things. So, I decided to make this blog to let you see a glimpse of what is life like in the I HAVE WINGS Atelier, through sketches, illustrations, designs, fabric choices and inspiration sources. Everything that makes the IHW’s world come alive.

I realized also, I needed a place to explain certain creative process and keep a sort of journal about this part of my life (that has become a huge part of my life, fortunately!).

Hope you enjoy it and you find it inspiring ^_^