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Everybody knows I love Victorian era. I love the cut of the dresses, the fabrics, the decorations, etc. I haven’t been doing much of this style because for a while I felt everyone was doing this. Now I see this happening with the Mori style. But I really don’t want to stop doing mori-style, I love it so much. I love the textures I can use, the ridiculous amounts of lace I permit myself to use, the color palette, the silouettes… etc…

I am trying though, to step away from what I am seing more often. I’ll be doing more sets like “Follow me deer” sets, where I can use other style of silouettes. Pants, plaids, headkerchiefs. A not so femenine and dressy looks too.

"Follow me Deer" Sets~

So I thought of making this outfit again in a different color palette and with a”twist”. I thought of transfering little victorian prints of roses, cats, swallows, etc into the blouse as a decorative detail.

Test drive for fabric transfers~

This images make me smile. They are so cute and kitschy at the same time ^_^ I think they add a nice victorian touch to these sets, make a difference from the rest of the mori-style out there. I’m content. Let’s see how it works out once it’s on the making.


I just returned from running some errands near my parent’s house (about an hour by train and bus from where I live). When I was returning to the train station I passed a huge fabric store (that I ussually check but never buy at, cause it’s too expensive), they where having a huge-insane sale due to the fact they are closing the business. Everything was at ridiculous prices (chantung, silks, swiss voile, cottons, knits etc) like $5 or $6!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! So many lovely things, so little money!

I bought what I could with the cash I had in hand, but I am planning a trip next week to buy some of the silks and beautiful chantungs I left behind.

From  right to left: Moss green cotton with embroidery, grey and orange cotton, grey voile with gingham pattern, ivory voile with square pattern, strippey voile/cotton, white mohair knit.

Can’t wait to start using them all up!

I choose this materials for the set 1 (see previous post). Which is called “Winter Wrap”. I know it’s a silly name but I honestly don’t know what to call it 😛

The strippey jersey is for the tights. The mint green swiss dots is for the camisole. The flowery poplin is for the under-dress/skirt.

I also bought these cute Cabochons, for making the hair accesories together with bows, pompoms and other beads. The pink cabochons are for another set, but I liked how they looked in the jar.

Mori style… fabrics, originally uploaded by I_Have_wings.

A quick post to show the fabrics I got.

It’s very hard to find nice, good quality fabrics here in Buenos Aires. But, there is this lovely shop that manufactures textiles with their own prints and weavings that I adore. Lately they have been improving a lot their quality and also added some rustic/natural fabrics.

I bought a rustic/raw linnen (with a small percentage of cotton) in a lovely shade of ecru. You can actually see and feel the raw cotton fibers.

Also a lovely tartan/plaid? in shades of muted baby blue and chocolate, 100% cotton. Very soft and thin.

And a linnen cloqué in pale pink (I don’t know if the word cloqué is used in english?). This one is also a mix of India linnen and cotton. Very soft and also with texture.

The one at the very bottom is cotton batiste in ivory. Lovely soft and delicate from a heirloom shop on Ebay.

Also vintage and antique trims. And lovely sort of old bronze charms, great find for complementing the “mori style” outfit I’ve sketched!!!!

When I visited Japan in 2007 I bumped into this beautiful sketchbooks in a “combini” (little supermarkets like Seven Eleven).  I loved the idea of having white sheets but small dots for making more technical drawings. I bought one.

I’ve been doodling in it ever since. I hadn’t paid too much attention to my fashion sketches until I realized it really helped my to stay focused at the moment of construction. I used to make loose drawings of the idea of the dress, but later it ended up been very far from what I had in my mind. For the last year I started paying close attention to the detail in my sketch. Thinking of even the minuscule lace or trim, pleats, top-stitch, etc. And now I find I want to keep returning to the sketch for reference and my outfits are turning out exactly as I imagined them.

This month I finished my first sketchbook. Fortunatelly this year I had the posibility to be in Japan again so I bought 2 more. ^____^ And a smaller version for my purse to carry arround with me (you never know, Ideas come in the most unlikely places… like in the train or the queue for the bank :P).