Everybody knows I love Victorian era. I love the cut of the dresses, the fabrics, the decorations, etc. I haven’t been doing much of this style because for a while I felt everyone was doing this. Now I see this happening with the Mori style. But I really don’t want to stop doing mori-style, I love it so much. I love the textures I can use, the ridiculous amounts of lace I permit myself to use, the color palette, the silouettes… etc…

I am trying though, to step away from what I am seing more often. I’ll be doing more sets like “Follow me deer” sets, where I can use other style of silouettes. Pants, plaids, headkerchiefs. A not so femenine and dressy looks too.

"Follow me Deer" Sets~

So I thought of making this outfit again in a different color palette and with a”twist”. I thought of transfering little victorian prints of roses, cats, swallows, etc into the blouse as a decorative detail.

Test drive for fabric transfers~

This images make me smile. They are so cute and kitschy at the same time ^_^ I think they add a nice victorian touch to these sets, make a difference from the rest of the mori-style out there. I’m content. Let’s see how it works out once it’s on the making.