It’s seems I never can keep up with this blog. I often take pictures of my process but life gets in the way of updating this damn thing 😦

Anyway, June and July were crazy months. I did over 50 sets to be sold at Junie Moon and Galery LeLe in Tokyo, and basically had time for nothing else. After a month catching up and recovering, I started thinking about finally starting a line for MSD doll (Lati Blue, Unoa, Tiny Fairy, Volks MSD and many other of this type). I’ve had one of this dolls since 2008. Can you believe this!? And I only ever tried a couple of items for her: Pictures. Shame on me. Now I too this very seriously, to the point that I promised I would sell her if didn’t do anything for her during this year.

So I sketched this 2 garments. One is mori-bohemian, the other is very Edwardian-meets-Lolita. I think I am pleased for being my first. The first try out of the mori outfit came out alright. I will adjust the sleeves to make them puffier and perhaps change a bit the skirt flow.

Lazy Sunday~
Tartan Tea Time~

My first!

So I hope I can work on these during the next weeks and be ble to live up to my promise of updating this blog regularly. Don’t give up on me! ^_^