It seems my last post was from a loooong time ago. A lot has happened since my last entry so I will try to go back in time a tell a little bit of what’s been going on here.

Back at the beginning of March I was approached by CWC, to participate in the “Alice in Junie Moon” Exhibition scheduled for April 20th in Junie Moon, Daikanyama,  Tokyo.

The theme was really any free interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. After much thought, I chose not to make a literal interpretation of a character but rather recreate a scene or memoir of the story. My favourite snapshots of it. The three final pieces were ( I enclose the caption I wrote for the event):

“The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” is a classic representation of Alice herself with the twist of an apron illustrating the cluttered tea cups scene.

“The Dark Side of Wonderland” was inspired by the obscure and creepy tone from the wonderland, showing the naughty grin of the Cheshire Cat and the mysterious potion bottle.

“Chasing the White Rabbit” is a delicate layered set featuring an embroidery of the sweet White Rabbit and a miniature metal key.

Of each set I made 7. A lot of work due to the complexity of the sets, with all that embroidery details. It took me a month to complete, that is also the reason why I’ve been absent. But now this stage is over, I am already working in new stuff. Stay tuned!

PS: You can see a lot more of the Exhibition here: JUNIE MOON