About a month ago I posted the sketch for this set. I am not going to take full credit for it’s design as it is very much inspired in “Tailor Gibson’s” Blythe stock outfit. She is one of my favourite dolls and I wanted to recreate that pinafore in some way.

After looking at my fabrics and the new fabrics I found the other time at that closing shop, I decided the overdress should be sheer and very ethereal, while the underdress more rigid and warm.

In the construction I decided to leave the underdress un-linned, because it was turning out too bulky. Although I preffer to line all my dresses cause I think they look prettier and tidier (even if it is only the inside of the dress), sometimes you have to make sacrifices to honour the original design and idea.

I like so far where I am going with this. This sets are also awaiting some wonderful accesories Rebecca Glamourfae designed especially for me. I’ve been very lucky to be able to collaborate with her. I like the creative feedback we had and I think the outcome was lovely.