Yesterday I found myself sketching these two outfits. Of course, still influenced by my new obsession: “Mori Girl” style. I have some swiss dots, battiste, linnen and poplin that I think will work wonderful with these two sets.

For the first one, I was looking for a over-layered look, with deconstructed frills and camisole over dress over tights effect. The pattern for the camisole is not mine, its from a DCR book, but I’ve been meaning to try it for a long time. I think i finally found the perfect fabric for it.

Yesterday's sketches

For the second set, I wanted a shape similar to Tailor Gibson’s dress (which is one of my favourite Blythe’s stock outfits). I needed a place to use embroidery as it is also one of my current obsessions šŸ˜›

Yesterday's sketches

I hope I can prototype them during this week and make the preorder for the weekend or next monday.