Mori style… fabrics, originally uploaded by I_Have_wings.

A quick post to show the fabrics I got.

It’s very hard to find nice, good quality fabrics here in Buenos Aires. But, there is this lovely shop that manufactures textiles with their own prints and weavings that I adore. Lately they have been improving a lot their quality and also added some rustic/natural fabrics.

I bought a rustic/raw linnen (with a small percentage of cotton) in a lovely shade of ecru. You can actually see and feel the raw cotton fibers.

Also a lovely tartan/plaid? in shades of muted baby blue and chocolate, 100% cotton. Very soft and thin.

And a linnen cloqué in pale pink (I don’t know if the word cloqué is used in english?). This one is also a mix of India linnen and cotton. Very soft and also with texture.

The one at the very bottom is cotton batiste in ivory. Lovely soft and delicate from a heirloom shop on Ebay.

Also vintage and antique trims. And lovely sort of old bronze charms, great find for complementing the “mori style” outfit I’ve sketched!!!!