A couple of week ago I doodled a sketch that kept coming back to me. It appeared in my mind very clearly (although I haven’t watched the movie or series or read the book lately).

I took the inspiration from my childhood heroin: Anne Shirley. Suddenly this untidy but cute and smart girl appeared on the page in the shape of her dress.

I didn’t make it right away. As I have previously talked about I’ve been very distracted and sort of bummed and couldn’t get myself to sew or do anything for the matter.

This weekend it all changed. After my epiphany (:P see previous post!) I new, I had to start with the Anne dresses.  The problem was finding the right colours and fabrics. At first I though of making them white & pink, white & baby blue. But I quickly realized this was not right. I needed a sort of used and stained and torn effect (similar to what I did on the last custom doll I made). Anne is a very mischievous and playfull girl and she was always in trouble, so her dress should reflect that. Brown, Ivory, tea- stained pinafore. It circled around earth and demure tones, for sure.

So today I uploaded the first finished dress and people seemed to really like it. I have 3 more half-made. Each and every one is unique, with different fabrics and tones, different embroideries and details. ^_^

For all the Anne fans out there…