Holiday Gifts...
Holiday Gifts...

The past week and half has been weird. Creatively I felt stuck and in other aspects of life, I felt let down and dissapointed.

The thing about the creative process is that when you’re stuck you start questioning your style: Am I too fairytale, too Lolita, too Victorian? Will people get tired? Should I do casual…. At one point I thought all of this at once and it made me quite crazy.

After give in it much thought and talking with others, I realized I have always, always designed with my guts. Being doll clothes, scenery or graphics. And it has always been good. So why so much questioning from the inside? I don’t know.

I decided not to listen to my brain anymore, and go with my guts. They are always right and in the end its about what makes ME happy and fullfilled. Not what sells or is in trends.

Starting from zero as from today, leaving all questionings behind. If when I sketch I sketch Lolita, then Lolita it is.

On the other hand, being stuck with doll designing, gave my brain space to do other crafting. I started making my Holiday gifts for friends scattered around the globe. I know they look more like Valentine’s but what the hell! I love red and pink and I don’t care if they aren’t seasonal ^_^

Hope  to be finishing my Bossom Friends outfits (inspired by Anne of Green Gables) very soonish!