Winter Frock~ WiP
This is a little set I am working on for the Christmas season…. although be warned it’s not red or green or gold. It’s mint green/bluish and ivory white!

The idea for this dress came from an “Angelic Pretty” (japanese Lolita brand) outfit  although I can’t find the sourse right now. It had a puffy shirt under. Quite similar to my “The Sound of Music” sets which of course were inspired by that same outfit. To change things a bit and put to use my knits fabric, I decided to change the shirt for a knit turtle neck in ivory white. The softness of this knit is so similar to angora is a delight!

Winter Frock~ WiP
Things to take into account when doing the prototype: the straps need to be longer for the knit sweater is more bulky than a shirt. Need to figure a way to add some beads and sequins without turning it into a carnivale.

I made a prototype of the knit sweater and it looks fab. I still need for the fabric to arrive, which is a mint green swiss dot voile *______*

Hope to update with the final prototype soon! See ya!