When I visited Japan in 2007 I bumped into this beautiful sketchbooks in a “combini” (little supermarkets like Seven Eleven).  I loved the idea of having white sheets but small dots for making more technical drawings. I bought one.

I’ve been doodling in it ever since. I hadn’t paid too much attention to my fashion sketches until I realized it really helped my to stay focused at the moment of construction. I used to make loose drawings of the idea of the dress, but later it ended up been very far from what I had in my mind. For the last year I started paying close attention to the detail in my sketch. Thinking of even the minuscule lace or trim, pleats, top-stitch, etc. And now I find I want to keep returning to the sketch for reference and my outfits are turning out exactly as I imagined them.

This month I finished my first sketchbook. Fortunatelly this year I had the posibility to be in Japan again so I bought 2 more. ^____^ And a smaller version for my purse to carry arround with me (you never know, Ideas come in the most unlikely places… like in the train or the queue for the bank :P).